Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sedetik Lebih^^

Cha recommended me to listen to this song, "Sedetik Lebih" by the ladies' hearthrobe-Anuar Zain.. It is taken from the Merongmahawangsa movie (coming soon.. can't wait!).. Well, for this vid, the song is not sung by our man Anuar, but someone known as  .. eheh.. Love d voice and d way he project his voice.. Nice isn't it? Hehehe..

Malaysia against Pakistan @ Stadium Shah Alam

Last night I went to Stadium Shah Alam with Coach A, along with Rizal n his cousin. We were watching the match between Malaysia & Pakistan @ Olympic 2012 Qualifier Games. We reached there around 8pm. Park somewhere nearby Giant (as per Abg. Cak's advice.. ehe) Later, walk a distance to the stadium. First thing first-Tickets! Ehe.. RM20 for adult, RM5 for kiddo.. After that, we went to the nearby outlet & bought ourselves Malaysian team jersey.. We changed our clothes immediately! Ahaks.. (Am I a fan already? HIhihihihi)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Had a dinner @ Po'Sen, Kajang

Restoran Po' Sen
32 Jalan Baru
Sungai Kantan
43000 Kajang Selangor
Mobile: 013-207 9719 / 013-333 5457
Business Hour: 6pm to 1am
Last night, after a stroll at Metro Kajang Shopping Mall, Coach A brought me to Po'Sen Restaurant, Kajang. I never heard of this restaurant before and I'm so excited to try it out.. The venue is nearby to kajang Stadium. Not that far from where I live. Upon reaching there, I saw an old house (abandoned I guess); a Malay house. It was kinda spooky seeing the house as it was kinda dark and gloomy last nite.. kusss semengat! hahaha.. (How I wish that I bring along the cam so that I can take a photo of it and show it here.. nevermind.. next time ehe..)
Now.. We were welcomed by the peaceful ambience of the restaurant as we entered. The design was splendid! Taking from the Balinese theme I persume. Owhh.. Felt so authentic and classic.. The soothy music on air, the water flows underneath our feet (platform!), the 'bushy' trees (no wonder it is 'hidden').. It made a wonderful-calm-serene feeling inside, a romantic feeling (heavenly!).. uuuuuu... heheh.. Coach A and I had a wonderful talk...
As for the menu, not that different from the others.. Except for sichuan chicken. We didn't try it as Coach A experience 'uneasiness' with his tummy. .hehehe.. But theres a drink called 'nipah' that I wanna try, but 'out of stock'.. They didn't have it that night.. Uuuoohh.. dissapointed.. Ehe.. So instead, I get myself  Lai Chi Kang.. For the food (as always) white rice, ox tail soup, kailan with salted fish and ginger chicken. Not bad.. Perhaps the environment helps us eating peacefully in our own time.. no rush babyy.. ;)
The restaurant is highly recommended & you won't regret being there.. =)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A peek to the past

I log in to FB this morning & to my surprise, I've been tagged by Cikgu Ong in his album. I am sooo thrilled, happy and I laugh out loud when I saw the photos.. Awwwhh.. All of these photos made me taking the ride on the time machine and so-making-me miss my family.. Now, I copied the photos from his album (I cannot help myself.. ehe)..

Enjoy the photos !:-

*Ami Tet & Ami Nandez as the usherer

*Anis receiving her prize-Class No. 1! =)

*Aniz in her "MATAHARI" costume

*Aniz with her BFF -Bonny in their computer class

*Aniz & Ryan at the backyard..

*Ryan is a "Bruce Lee" wannabe? Ahaks

*Sweet pose from Ami Nandez

*Aniz, Ryan & a friend under the umbrella ^^

*Ami Nandez's birthday!

*Ami Nandez cutting her home-made cake...

*Friends from the neighbourhood

*Ami Nandez, Apa & Ryan.. Apa is handsome here.. eheh..

*God's words for today by Pastor Bunga

*Ami Tet is acting as the caterer.. Fried Meehoon anyone? ehe

*Me & Ryan lazing around..

*Seni, Me, Valentino Igat & Ryan

*Yaaaammmmmmssssseeeeennnnggggg.. hahaha

*The birthday girl

*The Fantastic-Foursome =)

*Indai Jang & Umang.. n Ini on the right! =)

*Last but not least, Cikgu Ong in the 80's! Thanks very much Cikgu for the photos... =)

*Ami Nandez trying her move in ngajat =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

...Time to move on..

I am 28 this year.. Felt that I'm still in my early 20s.. Almost all of my friends are married and having kids.. Some were like myself, wondering when is our turn.. At this age, I am tied up with my comitment towards my study. I can't see myself having my own family in this kind of situation for the time being.. Altough I want it badly; getting married, have a wonderful hubby, cute-chubby kids.. But who wants to commit with a lady like me? Debt here and there, a so-n-so career, family matters. Not to mention my attitude and the way I think. Seriously I'm in doubt and in dilema of where should I head now.. without hurting my family, my love, and most importantly myself.. 

I bet I didn't pray hard enough.. I didn't ask the right thing.. I didn't act accordingly..

I just want to have a normal, happy life.. I don't mind with the money, the hieararchy, the differences in a comunity.. Damn with all those human-made-thingy! I want to feel how is it like to live happy and no worries even when I don't have money in my pocket.. I want to feel the pure feeling of being given the opportunity to live in this world; experience all sorts of events in life.. I want to feel and smile with all my heart altough I'm in the middle of rough sea..

This is the perfect time to move on..


the best it to follow the heart and instinct.. Others don't decide how we live our life, but ourselves..

I surrender my life in the hands of God..

Karnival Wow

Coach A and I had our dinner at a new restaurant called Garden Cafe.. Situated at Sg Ramal, really near to the highway.. I like the design of the restaurant but for the food wise, I prefer some other places.. Ehe..

Later, we went to Precint 2.. just to check out whats happening there-Karnival Wow.. The concert still on and we get ourselves there.. So we park and went to the main stage area.. Managed to watch Amy, Ella and Awie singing.. Ehe.. And finally, at the end of the concert, comes out the fireworks! wooowww! amazing.. and it was our 8th monthisary; both didn't realize until the next day.. ahaks..

Then. home sweet home..

I went to a Seminar ^^

Yesterday, I attended a seminar organized by Akademi Usahawan (AU).. Together with Fyqa~d wannabe entrepreneur! Ehe.. The location was at International Islamic University Malaysia Gombak (IIUM aka UIAM).. I was really excited to go there, because I've been wondering whether a person like me is allowed to enter UIAM, of which, I am allowed... Ehe.. Well, I'm kinda 'shy-shy' when I'm there.. Everyone (ladies) wearing their tudung. Luckily there's another lady who is the same like me.. But I didn't make contact with her ..

Well, the AU seminar was organized to educate the newly-entrepreneurs who wants to involved in internet business (e-biz).. They said, something that you can't find from the book.. You know what, the co-founder -Adly Mukhtar is a 21 years old guy from Kota Bharu, Kelantan! I am totally shocked! Ahaks.. I was so impressed that he had make lotsa money in his young age.. I'm wondering what will he become in the next 20 years.. a billionare?  God Bless! ehe.. Well, he told us in his welcoming remarks that he had involved in internet business since high-school.. He made his 1st big money RM10K when he is 18! That is for his e-book! He shared some of his experiences and how to do this and that.

For the first session, he told us the 4 basic main elements of e-biz:-
(i) Must have something to sale (products, services, etc)
(ii) Must have own shop (e.g. website, blog)
(iii) Must have payment gateway to receive payment (e.g. provide bank acc no., paypal, etc)
(iv) Marketing Strategy

~Product that can be seen, tasted, smell..
~e.g. books, tickets, shoes, shirts, keris, chairs
~e.g. website,

*Advantages of selling products via internet
~More potential customers
~Very low cost (upon starting business)
~RM150/year only to create domain hosting
~Low marketing cost
~Accesible 24/7

*Potential products to sell
~ANYTHING! depends on individual's extends (Nothing is impossible. Myths can make ppl a downer. eg. price must be low)

*Charateristics of products to sell
~Reasonable price
~Last long
~Easy to send via post
~Unique products
~Must taking into account the cost of transports, packaging, etc..
~Go for potential customers that has "KUASA BELI YANG TINGGI"

*What is the best product?
~Products that can solve problems
~e.g. saving electric / petrol devices, product that can solve 'masalah batin', health food
~something that people are 'hesitate' to buy at the real shop; shy-shy!

*How to make research on the net?
~refer to ebay, (to see data for popular search)
~google (to see customer trends)

*Where to get the products?
~factory or even self-producing products (e.g painting, baju kurung, jewelleries)
~people surrounding us. eg family, neighbours, friends..
~local shops nearby
~MLM companies (beware of the T&C. Whether  it is allowed to sell their products online)

*Secret Story
~Dropshipping! hahaha.. you take photos from the shop. post it online. and if there is a buyer, request for the payment. after payment received, go back to the shop, purchase the item. later post back to the buyer.. the concept is, being the intermediate person between the buyer and the physical shop! cool...! but you have to establish a good relationship with the owner of the shop first.. eheh..

*Packaging & Posting
~Pos Ekspress
~Pos Laju
~Pos Bungkusan
~Courier Service company

*Tips for posting
~Don't use the conventional post (must have tracking ref. no.)
~Calculate the cost of packaging e.g. boxes, paper wrappers, salotape, etc
~The best courier service is offered by POS MALAYSIA (promote promote)

*Platform that can be used to sell products
~Shopping cart

*5 Tips Facebook Marketing
Malaysia has the highest number of FB users in the world. A lot of professionals @ FB; have the 'kuasabeli tinggi'.
~Must update status on the products. Share info in the related industry
~Separate account for personal and business. (e.g us fanpage to sell products)
~Use the Law of 80/20.. Don't try too hard selling your product.
~Always keep the quality of the status. Think first before updating the status
~Don't promote your product like the world is coming to the end!

*Easy Tips to be successful in e-biz
~Take advantage during seasonal celebration. e.g Hari Raya, Christmas
~Insert coupons & name card inside the parcel (for better prospect of return customers)
~Select appropriate domain name
~Pictures of the products must be clear & in high quality
~Provide contact number/email that can be reached

~Almost all products can be sold in the internet
~Choose the right products, according to self's ability (in terms of time & budget)

So.. Chaiyooo chaiyoooo~ =) 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congratulations & Good Luck Dear Brother!

*This is when Ayen went to KOPERASI SMK SONG to buy his books!
My brother did well in his PMR last year... His result is 5As, 3Bs.. Quite surprising because he didn't go for any tuition classes; only depending on normal class & additional class in the evening.. Despite the odds, he managed to get flying colours (as in my eyes).. CONGRATULATIONS Ayen! =) As a sister, I am more than happy and glad to hear the good news.. He had this some kind of 'scheme' with Anis (my sister)-he needs to get more than hers-5As, but can't make it.. Ehe.. Nevermind bro, we know you did very well..

Now, he is in MRSM Betong..
I wish him best of luck in his future undertakings..
Let us pray for his well being shall we? ^^ [ Ammeenn.. ]

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) mengucapkan tahniah atas kejayaan anda dipilih masuk ke Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM). Butir-butir tawaran adalah seperti yang berikut:



Pencil Drawing ^^

I'm not an artist; not an art lover.. But I enjoyed sketching when I was little; of which Mak always scolded me for not being focus with my revision.. Ehe.. I'm still learning and try to improve my drawing, but so far, this is my best.. ehe..

I welcome any comment(s).. =)

Vid of Nandez~

This is one of my fav vids (of Nandez)... Aaaawwwhh.. miss him much! =)

Bobo = d brown-teddy-bear.. 1st owner was the mother; Lizzie.. =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

TV Dramas Junkie

I admit it.. Im a TV-Drama-Junkie!.. I lost my focus when the dramas that I love to watch is on air (although it has been on air before).. NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead.. Ehe.. to name a few.. how to do my assignments aaa? Its getting harder now.. I read the notes, but I can't focus (don't blame the tv will you..?).. Meaning, I can't remember and cant understand what I read.. I'm so busted! whooooaaaaa.... wait a minute.. I need to get that Ayam Brand! yeah baby.. It works for me last time (kinda.).. hahahah..

*signing off now..*

..till you see a junction...

What do you think of a relationship that doesn’t get the blessing from both families?

What would you say if you need to sacrifice your feeling for the sake of your family upon fulfilling their request?

What would you do if you follow your heart and be a rebellion in your family’s eyes?

You had justify and foreseen the situation; the future in every path that you’ll take. But still, you can’t decide on which path should you take:-

(i)                  Sacrifice & live like you never fall in love with the person you had given your all? Or perhaps, get married with another person who your family prefers (after being forced)? But inside you, “I’m doing this for the sake of my family; my root; my race; my religion”.. ( duhhhh.. )..  In the mean time, “till death do us apart”, you are a robot… or a ZOMBIE aka walker!

(ii)                Rebel and stay single forever? Until you realize all of a sudden, you already aging and you don’t have the opportunity to have your own kids-who will take care of you when u r a golden citizen? (Poor pumpkin!) By that time, everyone has their own life and who would bother to take care of you? Rumah Pengasih? Right.. make sure to keep your own saving that will keep u survive till ur last breath.. *Perhaps adopting children might be a good idea… People nowadays easily make babies and give them out.. I’m talking about doing charity here baby.. yay!

In dilemma I presume?

Always think positive (they sayyy) and see things in a clear mind (yupp.. they told us dat toooo).. Forget about the time-sand.. You won’t get buried inside it..

All the best and let fate do the math..

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