Friday, October 22, 2010

End of Season 3

Finally, the final exam. for our 3rd semester is here.. Indicates that we are about to complete our 3rd semester.. Weehuuu! Wishing my fellow classmates all the best and lotsa luck! Ehe.. I am nervous with the papers especially OSM453.. but at the same time, I'm excited and looking forward for it.. Ehe.. Whatever it may be, que sera sera.. Do it all out and never fall asleep+don't miss the questions of the last page! Ahaks.. Now, the schedule is as follows:-
  • Mon., 25th Oct. 2010-1415-1715 OSM453
  • Thurs., 28th Oct. 2010-0900-1100 CTU551
  • Wed., 3rd Nov. 2010-0900-1100 OSM454
  • Fri., 12th Nov. 2010-0830-1030 OSM452
VENUE: DRMM Shah Alam, Sect. 17..

Chaiyo chaiyo!! =)

*Relevance? Ehe.. I wanna hav these items too during my convo.. God  Bless.. =P

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Promises are meant to be broken..

Contradict with your belief?

Get used to it..

So never promise a thing..

Just do what you wanna do..

Don't let people live in anticipation with your promises..

*This entry is written in an angry mode ^^

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