Friday, December 28, 2012


I didn't meet my dateline.. and I am so upset with myself.. that prove some skeptical people are right.. and that frustrated the people who trusted me.. sent an apology text to my teacher just now.. didn't reply.. so, i assume, i am with my lil marks to kick my ass hard-sit for final exam.. T__T  another approximately 2 weeks to go.. lets see whether there is miracle or disaster afterwards..

*owhh! i boiled 3 eggs just now.. totally forgotten about it.. and suddenly i heard something explode from the kitchen ! (ridiculous!) to discover my eggs are not in their normal physical.. and thats how i ended up eating egg bbq! lol

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Request for favour

Am not good in this.. 

*why on earth all of my entries must start with unhappy intro? =D

Well.. I thought I can do it all by myself, but end up, circling in my own probs! Dateline is 2 days ahead.. but my head can't think of the solution. can't find the way out.. and it didn't trigger the nerves of supa ideas (like before)! My oh my! last solution was to drop and to 'postpone' it to another time! *bad idea* =(

So.. as suggested by Coach A-get some help! But of course, I'm a shy person.. so i did ask, but not to many.. so, i didn't get good response.. i ask my all-time-guru; youtube! it did kind inspire me a lil, but, still not good enough for me to kick start! my lecturer? errrr.. i didnt ask.. coz am scared.. (?).. <-- that was my excuse when I'm in primary school! :P

Aiyoo.. why is it so hard to ask for favour? If people ask for my help, I am more than glad to help. But when it comes to me-asking for other's help, I felt taken back.. Like, I am in good shape, got many resources--why need other's help? Can do myself what.. *i think thats Ms. Ego speaking* 

Gheezzz.. What should I do???? What should I do????


Monday, December 24, 2012

Box of Chaos

Heads of jokers.. sprung from d box..

Flakes and snows fill the air..

Butterflies dash in from nowhere..

Suddenly the stream rush through the feets..

Cold.. and breezy..

In another place.. Leaves fall..

as the wind rumbles..


a big boat waiting..

Dinner Opis

Haaa. dinner tahunan opis.. bersekali dengan farewell ybtm.. diadakan di Marriot Hotel Putrajaya. Tema hitam. phew.. meriah gak nok.. banyak giler cabutan bertuah. n d grand price adalah plasma tv (thats what i heard).. 

*Ms. Chicha wit awek2 bkkpa

*Atilia, penyanyi undangan.. sang 3 songs.. cumil!

*before the dinner served, ada show glow in d dark.. niceeee..

 *Ini MC untuk malam tersebut.. meriah!

*Ms. Chicha & Ms. Yana.. huggin2

*Ms. Chicha n awek2 cun.. :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

hasil paksaan

maka lahirlah vidio ini.. ngeeee...

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