Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not too late, Not too early

July has been an emotional month for me.. referring to the posts that I'd made.. =P I admit, its kinda disturbing to read unhappy thing.. Perhaps, that was because the final semester exam dilemma I'd experienced.. (nice cover! lol) Alright there.. I'll try to avoid writing such posts in future (finger cross!)..

Lotsa events happen recently.. Can't recall and can't write it all here.. am just thankful for being given the opportunity to live another day; to learn and to search, and to discover.. My beloved Inek (grandma) pass away on 22nd June.. My big boss invited me to accompany him to Russia for an official visit, but I refused because I had no passport, and my final exam is around the corner (to be exact, I don't like going overseas for work for the first time.. really made me nervous.. especially when you need to attend to VIPs? furthermore, Russia is a cold country.. I hate cold.. ahaha).. my big boss however, said, he may want to consider bringing me along in his next trip (Korea? India? Japan? muehehe).. My final exam ended on 13th July.. Puasa starts on 21st July.. Chombie died due to virus attack.. Payday on 26th July.. Got Duit Raya on 8th August as per announced by PM on 26th July.. on the same day, I discovered I had this 'health situation'-hurmm... Shop online on 27th July (oopss! does that count? ngeee).. Days in between: the same old routine.. (booorrinngg..)

I do notice that, there are no excitements, no sparks in my life.. Yes, I am a dull-play safe person.. This lead me to a monotone, boring, ambiguity (of my future) situation.. Am totally an insecure (scare at all time, to anything, to anyone!) and too-relaxed (what will be, let it be) lady.. Looking back to my pass-hu'uh.. not interesting at all! Ahaks.. 

-what an introduction-

It is never too early.. never too late.. to realize and to step back into reality.. mine is just yet to come.. looking at peers' life, they are doing pretty well indeed.. as for me, I felt that am still station and not moving at all.. gheez.. need to change that baby.. desperately.. must.. ! Stand on my own and listen to my heart and instinct.. that would be a good start, rite?

So.. so.. so..soooo...

There are lotsa things in my mind that I would like to do.. Lets see what happens next.. =)

Happy Ramadhan to Muslim friends and Happy weekend..

#Life is a rollercoaster#

Friday, July 27, 2012

What I'm Good At

Hurting people
Ignoring people
Emotionally laden

Monday, July 9, 2012


I am timid. Have a very small heart. Have little achievement.  

If there's a possibility to resign as the eldest child, the eldest siblings, the most senior at work.. I would do that immediately..

I didn't function and play well..

*Monday Blue Overdose*

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Lil Disappointment

When you are meeting dead ends, you will feel that it is the end of the world. Feeling helpless, down, empty, station.. Often we will be advised to deal with it as follow:- 

 (i) Stop a while. Calm yourself. Take some of your time. Tell yourself that tomorrow might be better than today 
(ii) Let the feelings that hurting you will not causing you to hurt yourself and anybody else especially who is dear to you. 
(iii) Always share your feeling with your parents and good friends. It will help you to ease the pain and certainly lift your burden. Of course, the almighty is the best to surrender your sorrow. 
(iv) Ask yourself and sit for a while whether is it worthy to get angry or upset (v) Learn from the past and try to figure out on how to do better next time.
 (vi) Never judge yourself. Failing at something doesn’t mean that you are a looser 

 In my case, it is other people who are disappointed with me. They have high expectation on me but over and over again, I let them down. It is rather stressful especially when you know that you can’t do anything up to their expectation. Maybe the best way is, to let it be like that and just find way to make things better. Perhaps, moving to a new environment would help? Changing everything like reformatting a PC may not as easy as it seems. Theories always sound nicer than the actual setting.

Hope to find what and see what people always want me to be.. =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Goreng Asal Boleh!

Oh yeah! Musim peperiksaan kembali.. musim menggoreng asal boleh dan nmpk sedap.. ngee.. sem kali ni mmg aku akui aku maseh trauma dgn sem lps. Pheww .! Kalo boleh xkan ku ulangi tragedi itew.. ngaaii! Aite.. esok paper kedua aku taw. Subject HR Dev. Coach A kata, sng je. Relate dgn opis kite katanya. Amboii.. ada secubit grm di situ.. aku da bace n conteng. Hrp dpt la jwb besok. Kalo nak A+, aku kene jawab betul sumanya.. muahahah... Doakan kejayaanku hokeh n aku rase untung amek subjek ni coz aku dpt lihat dgn lebih jelas apa itu HR.. xdalah master smpy boleh jadi HR Manager.. ekekeke.. *mudah2an* Oraite.. sedikit coretan d saat tepu.. Salam permisi ;)

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