Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday, after the class.. I went home right away.. It was raining heavily. On my way from Puncak Perdana, I saw a car on the side of the road-overturned.. It was badly damaged.. The car was skidded (due to the slippery road), lost his/her control-I assume.. Poor thing.. The fireman just arrived, the moment I pass by.. I reminded myself to be extra careful and alert.. It was really cold indeed.. Luckily I had my shawl with me.. So, I wrapped myself for warmth.. As I drive, I'm wondering how is Coach A doing.. Hope that the weather is nice there.. He was at Perak; the best man for his friend.. I am pretty sure that he was as handsome as ever in his baju melayu.. Ehe..

I arrived at Putrajaya after 40 minutes drive.. I took the new route actually.. Well, just to fulfill my curiousity of finding alternative route to Puncak Perdana.. =)




Friday, January 28, 2011

Destinasi Bajet JacJac's Version

Hihihi.. I bet u had watched this series @ 8TV, hosted by Q.. & seriously, I am so tempted to do the same.. Travelling and get to know Malaysia in a whole.. Well, I owez keep my intention away due to money constraint.. But, as time fly by, I actually didn't do/achieve nothing and it is such a waste to let my youth gone without memories to be remembered.. So, I'm gonna be real this time.. Despite who is coming with me, I will plan and travel as far as I could, as many as I would.. I don't wanna sit on my rocking chair (if I live long enuf.. ehehe), reading Harry Potter for the hundreth of time and mumbling "owh.. how i wish."; "owwhh.. i should do this.. do that".. hehehehe.. Let see.. i'm copying these destinations from the series..



*       Pulau Pinang
*       Melaka
*       Perlis
*       Pulau Langkawi, Kedah
*       Pulau Pangkor, Perak
*       Negeri Sembilan
*       Ipoh dan Kuala Kangsar, Perak
*       Terengganu
*       Kuantan, Pahang
*       Kelantan
*       Johor Bahru dan Mersing, Johor
*       Kuala Lumpur
*       Pulau Tioman, Pahang
*       Alor Star, Kedah
*       Taman Negara, Pahang
*       Pulau Redang, Terengganu
*       Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu
*       Pulau Labuan
*       Muar, Johor
*       Kuching, Sarawak
*       Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
*       Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Now.. when should I go..? hehehehe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Why does I have this feeling of being pushed away slowly.. out of thy life?
Felt like transparent in thy world..
I am there.. but seems that thy doesn't see me..
Maybe thy should tell me what is happening..
Otherwise.. I will keep guessing and lurking like a psychopath..

Monday, January 24, 2011

High Temp?

Whats with the incredible-increasing-temp you have there?

Talking in high tone.. smashing any objects you get..  saying curses?

Didn't found the pause/stop button is it?

Totally out of control, am I right?

I used to be in your shoes.. I know.. and I had a big lost for that..

Regrets? yeahh.. more than you ever imagine..

You'll never knew how it will effect your afterwards-life..

So, watch out your tounge.. control your emotion..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Berita Harian Online | Harimau Malaya dapat RM65,000

Its totally amaze me how they bag big bucks by just kicking d ball! Ahaks.. Happy for them.. Isn't lucky to have a bf who is a pro footballer? hihihihihi... (just kiddin Coach!) I bet, ppl will see Malaysian football differently now.. Hope that the 'happy hour' doesn't end here and wish them more victory in future!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ehe.. Nandez is 1 year old now.. and recently, her mummy cut his hair ~ bold! still, he is super cute as ever.. I like my sister's effort to exppose him with the world.. She bought him toys, books and even educational CDs.. Like my mak used to do when we were little.. :) I'm wondering when is my time.. heh..

Monday, January 10, 2011


AJL25 fever just ended last night whereas Ana Raffali won the prestigious award.. Congrats to her..! Well, overall, I plaud all the performances last nite.. Incredible & amazing.. Love the emcees as well, although some might disturbed by their spontaneous jokes.. Ehe.. Well, so unfortunate that I didn't stay till the end.. I fell asleep! ehe.. (*Coach A said that I'm much alike w Nobita, easily fall asleep.. :P.. )

Heres the winner:- AJL Winners

among all, I prefer Adira.. I don't know why but I really love her singing.. the lyric and melody, made me sway.. Ehe.. To my surprise, Coach A love it too.. now.. I really need it to be uploaded here.. So that in future, in case I had some bitter moment with my love (hope none please), I can go back to this page and listen to this song. It will remind me how lucky I am having him in my life..:-


Di kala ku kehilangan
Di dalam kegelapan
Kau suluhkan sinar petunjuk
Di kala ku kesedihan
Kau ukirkan senyuman
Dengan penuh sabar memujuk

Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh
Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu

Di kala aku tak pasti
Kau tampil dengan berani
Membimbing agar lebih yakin
Dan bila hidup penuh soalan
Kau berikan jawapan
Melengkap semua kekurangan

Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh
Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu

Tidak mungkin diri ini mampu hidup tanpa doronganmu
Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku
Andai hari esok dunia gelora
Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu

Friday, January 7, 2011

Owh.. owh.. n owhh...

I had tried my best.. but it seem not enough to please them..

I had given my fullest commitment.. but it is useless and endless..

I had sacrified my precious personal time, my personal life, my family, my friends..
that drifted me away from them.. but yet, it is not acknowledged..

I am all out.. I'm a downer..

I had the letter signed "Tiada Halangan".. Still waiting for the right time to break the news.. but it is always bad time here.. I'll send it anyway.. Can't afford to accept criticism no more..  (I admit, I am fragile)... I'm tired somehow.. Living between two Easters Head that combat each other.. You expect nothing but random bullets and arrows almost everyday..

I would like to take the leave of which, I should had done it long time ago...

*You can do better in future Ms Cook! LOL!


Uh hu.. Holding strong.. Held back.. Holding strong.. held back..

Its like learning to drive for the first time; changing the gear, moving forward, reversing.. of which, brings headache and confusions.. Ehe.. that's what happening to me when it comes to relationship.. At times, I felt very confidence and assure that the relationship gonna work out well.. But during the bad days, I felt the other way round.. I have no confidence in being a good partner a.k.a lover.. I'm not pretty.. I'm not good at cooking.. I'm not good when it comes to socializing/meeting other people-friends/family of bf esp.. Ehe.. I'm too scared that I might say something inappropriate/unnecessary.. Perhaps in the past, I always see boring-ness in the faces of people I talk with.. That's truly reflects how uninteresting I am when I'm mixing around.. Ehe.. That's why, I preferred to zip my mouth when I'm around with friends/people.. I don't wanna hurt anybody's feeling.. I enjoy laughing out loud when people cracks joke.. I dun like being in a group who loves saying bad things of others though.. so, this made me skeptic when it comes to having relationship.. say it love; friendship; networking at workplace; with lecturers; with fellow classmates and colleague.. I'm too scared too hurt others.. I don't want the banana fruits two time.. (hahahahhaa)

I know.. when, I zipped my mouth too long, it became 'heavier'.. so, don't be surprised if you see me as a 'lazy' talker.. I'm not being arrogance/ignorant.. It just that, I've been 'away' too long in conversing well.. I also admit that, at times, I did feel awkward when I'm hanging around with my close friends.. I don't know what to say or to share.. Lame rite? Ehe..

And why must I felt sceptic on any of these relationships? Because I'm scared of commitment and afraid of hurting and being hurt by others..
As such, I would like to apologize to any souls that ever felt uneasy/angry towards my attitude.. I am like dat (unfortunately).. Cold as an ice, hard as a rock.. but when I laugh, the dinosours might run away! hahaha..

Time spent @ Song

Bla bla bla. bla bla.. (i haven't upload d pics yet.. so, d feel is not there.. m gona write this entry some other time.. eheh)

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