Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Perkara yang ditakuti telahpun berlaku.. daku terkandas dua subjek.. kalau diikutkan hati, memang nak berhenti je... tapi, bila fikirkan dah berhabis banyak (masa, tenaga, wang), aku perlu pujuk diri dan motivasikan diri untuk teruskan perjalanan.. teman2 semuanya lulus.. seronok tengok status mereka di FB.. ade yang dapat A+.. fuhh.. kagum aku.. manakala aku, terus dilamun perasaan 'jatuh yang hebat'.. takkan nak letak kat status "aku fail 2 subjek.. adoiii!"? (actually I almost did.. ekeke) membuka aib diri sendiri namanya tu.. Tahniah kat derang sume.. Aku xnak blame sesape, melainkan diri aku sendiri.. apesal x usaha lebih gigih?

honestly, I am dissapointed with myself.. I can't cope with study life anymore, but still I insist to go on because I thought that this is a lifetime learning.. I mean, although I may not excel, but I might learn something out of the office.. broadening my view..

Friday, February 10, 2012


Jika kamu marah dan rasa sakit hati sangat kat seseorang.. kamu buat apa?

Kamu x boleh marah secara terus, pasti hubungan keruh.. (pernah terjadi)..

Kamu x boleh cerita kat orang ketiga, bimbang bawa mulut jadi cerita lain pulak.. (pernah juga terjadi)..

Apa kamu boleh buat?

Sabarlah menahan getar..!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Knock Knock!

I had these moments... that rocked me emotionally.. when i think back, I laugh to myself..*sooo, that was me back then.. * I'd made wrong moves, I'd said something not sweet, I'd acted wrongly.. Although I've been reminded so many time to not look back to my pass, I still need to do it.. I need to know my progress of being a better person.. To be honest, I really don't have clues of what I am now.. Felt like being buried under a stack of hay.. I know that I must had taken the wrong path.. Gheezz.. what a life-less life i had before.. heh..

Changing is the main issue at the moment.. *nangis sudah inii.. wat a sobber! hahaha

Lost and Found! =)

Remember my phone was lost @ AJL26? U know what, I got it back! Gazzillliiionnn thanks to Coach A!!! I don't know how he managed to find it (he refused to tell me so!) & I am in disbelief when he call me last 3 nights and told me that, he found it. awwhh.. sweet sweet baby.. I owe you a lot and am grateful to have you! So, we went to KL Sentral 2 days ago to meet the person who have it. Wawa is the name. We hope on ERL to get there. My heart pumping harder. I am about to meet my "savior" in a while.. x taw nape gabra.. As soon as we reached there, we head to McD. Coach A was hungry.. sian die x lunch x. *Earlier of the day, I had this bakery course at Kolej Komuniti Hulu Langat-under the Latihan 1Malaysia programme.. =)

Wawa came with her friends. But a while, sayang.. I really hope that she stayed and have hi-tea with us.. to show my gratitude and thanks. Manyy manny thanks to her. I now know that there are lotsa people out there who are sincere, honest and full of integrity.. I wannabe one of them.. =)

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