Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ketenangan Jiwa

Last Saturday, I watched this drama @ TV3- Takdir Afina... & I love the line "ketenangan jiwa".. Made me curious n wonder, how about my own soul? My journey just started and although my past sometimes bothering me, but i believe, if I forget (learnt my lesson) & move on, I will someday achieved the "tranquility in life".. everything seems unclear, foggy and blocked right now..

Monday, June 27, 2011

New "Assistant" ^_______^

Finally... after few years, I finally got myself a new "assistant".. meet the Washing Machine from cam-cung(LOL!!! ) now, I will save lotsa time and energy when it comes to washing my laundry.. =) and of course, m hoping for more soft-supple hand afterwards.. hehehehe.. :P


Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm not perfect..

"I had screwed my life, and its time to get back on track...
I'd lost my way, I'd lost my faith..
All I need is patience.. trust.. guidance..
Time is precious, yet endless..
I am fragile.. inside..."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Berita Harian Online | Wanita solek demi pikat rakan sejantina

Berita Harian Online Wanita solek demi pikat rakan sejantina

Ahaks.. definitely true..! First thing dat cross my mind when i'm gettin ready for a day-out with GFs or GFs of BF is d way i look, d way i dress.. Am i bein over-dress? Does my eyeliner too thick? bla bla bla.. an a compliment is of course a satisfactory & an antidote for d 'worries'.. ehe..

Wedding Lindot_ 110611

Lindot is my coursemate back @ Poli PD. She get married last Saturday and her reception was at Felda Kemelah, Segamat, Johor. I went there with Coach A & Bear. Quite a journey I would say. I've been sleeping along the way-as usual =P.. When we reached there, the bersanding ceremony just ended & the bride+groom were changing their attire (modern) for the next even; cake cutting! The cake looks lovely, along with cutey cup cakes!
 We met Sarimah & Ain too.. Gheez.. Sarimah already have 2 children.. (Ketinggalan nampak er guweee.. T__T )
As soon as Lindot & her hubby out for the cake cutting ceremony, all friends and relatives gathered near her for photos taking! After that, back to the pelamin on the stage... n guess what, Lindot bring along her cats on her wedding day! There were 2 cages-left & right.. she called em "anak  bulus".. ehe.. cute n charming cats.. saw their awards too.. Lindot is totally a cat lover! Ehe.. Later, a performance by a group of Kuda Kepang started! My first! Ehe.. I've been hearing stories about the Kuda Kepang performance (Coach A said, it was a performance only, no special rituals involved.. ehe).. The musics & their costume, wow me.. ehe.. we forgot to bring along our cam, so, hoping for Bear's pics. Ehe..

Later, after wishing Lindot congrats and taking pics w her, we headed to Bekok. Mandi air terjun la bai! Ehe.. veryy cooollddddd beeerrrrrrrr! Ahaks.. but, the body get freshen up and I enjoyed it. Later, travel to Batu Pahat. Had Tomyyam Siakap before heading to Parit Raja. I was totally full & I felt asleep all the way. tried real hard to keep my eyes open, but, like a baby, I sleep like nobody business.. ehe..

after dat, headed back to Putrajaya.. Home sweet home.. =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coach A said...

Ehe.. "Pesanan Penaja"...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bahasa terlarang

Aite.. I must admit, I myself sometimes get carried away when drafting letters/memos/emails for my boss.. eheh..

Berita Harian Online Bahasa terlarang

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