Wednesday, November 14, 2012


November pay-day was last week and my account left very few! Next pay-day is a month away! No, I didn't shop like crazy.. I didn't waste it elsewhere.. It just that I was helping the needy.. Gheezz.. how am I going to survive? Ting-Tong-Ting-Tong.. *__*

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Congrats Sister! Good Luck Brother! =)

Last Saturday was my sister's (Ami Nandez) convocation.. It was kinda 'sad' as I'm the only one (from the family) who attended her big day (not to forget Coach A).. Finally, received her Diploma in Tourism officialy from Politeknik Merlimau.. Congratulations sister! May you find a steady job afterward... =) *That evening was really pfffff.. the rain was pouring heavily and we stand for almost an hour just to have a few minutes of studio-photoshoot! Perhaps that was the reason we took not-so-serious-pose for that session.. Can't wait for the photo! Ehe.. Later, treat ourselves seafood at Restoran Terapung Umbai.. yumeeehh! I am thankful that Coach A joined us.. =)

Meanwhile, yesterday was day 1 of SPM. My yongest brother is the last 'candidate' from the family. =P He've been 'nagging' and 'complaining' that his years in MRSM was difficult and hard.. He was surrounded with Mr. Brainys and he always been in 'the-top-10-below-list' in the class.. I always told him to enjoy every moment of his school days.. Never stress out nor feel intimidated by others because everyone has their own 'part' (rezeki) in their life.. God has made arrangement for that long before we are born. After all, the journey of life is still miles away.. Anything could happen.. Pass with flying colours in SPM doesn't guarantee you success and happiness in life.. And he always responded to me with a 'heheheh' and 'thanks sis'.. bro bro bro.. ahahah.. whatever you do, we always right behind you.. May you excel and make us proud.. =) Gambate!!

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