Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Coach A once said that I am  much alike Nobita. That was because I fall asleep easily; whenever, wherever I could, I'll just close my eyes and sleep (no snoring!). Recently, when we talked about childhood fairytales/stories, I asked him this, "In all of the characters, who do you think I'm best fit in?".. Without hesitation, he answered, "Sleeping Beauty!".. and i bet you know the reason why.. hahaha.. (dush dush Coach A!)

Now, we went to this furniture shop at Bangi last Sunday. And I'm very fond with this white bedroom set. Guess what, I'm getting a similar one! Hahah..

When I reached home, I had a deep thought.
Does the set fit here? hahaha..
Janji sedap tido okeh?!
(Kak Shida must be bored listening to my mumbling of my old bed & now she wont listen to any of it anymore.. hihi)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pengawa Sahari Tok

Sahari tok sigi mayuh pengawa. Pengawa hari lima empai lama ke batang ya. Sigi bendar meh aku nembu pengawa ti di asoh tuai aku. Enda berasai hari nyau lemai. Amat manah prestasi aku sahari tok deh. Ehe..  Surat ti udah disain tuai sigi umbas mayuh ya. Udahnya, draf email ti udah dipansik ia aku anjung baru. Nyadi pengawa 2-3 kali nya ngasuh aku pedih pala mimit. Asai ka udah digaga, asai ka empai. Nyadi, utai ti enda patut nyadi tauk nyadi meh. Akai dai. Asai ka udah ‘perfect’ pengawa aku saritok, tang bisi gak penyalah siti dua. Aaahh.. enti kelalu diingat ka, sigi pedis pala wai, pedis ati. Nyamai gik gagak nama utai ti enda sempat digaga taja pan laun. Udahnya, diau ati diri. Lak ajak meh mulut orang belicha, asal diri empu nemu penyalah diri lalu nyadi ke teladan meh nya. Ngicha ke dudi hari ila ‘alert’ gik meh.

Nyadi tadi, bisi meh sanu nya komplen madah nadai orang madah ka ya pengawa boss. Kaling yang ka siko da pia meh. Nunga ya ka paling tuai nya ya. Aku sigi nemu, udah ya belicha sigi confirm aku dilicha mega. Tang, aku tuchum ajak maya tuai nya ngelicha aku. Sigi nadai mayuh comment meh aku laban aku bejalaika pengawa nitih diasoh tuai ku siko da. Ya pan nemu aku tok semina nitih arahan jak. Ehe. Apa boleh buat meh. Ya pan nadai gak madah sanu siko nyin. Paduhal, ya bulih cc memo km nya. Enda patut enda patut. Enggai nyadi gak bejako lebih, dikumbai enda mereti ku legi. Sabar jak meh ku. Ehe.. *enda lama da ku dito pungka.. ehe..

Puuu..! Peresa kami lusa wai.. Asai ke diambi mimpi! Sekejap mai. Kati penyadi ku tok lusa. Enda macha bup lalu. Nadai ngaga preparation. Affuuiii.. ! Matai kelau! Tepaksa maksa mata enchelak malam tok. Ka pan enda. Nyau tebasau ngapa jam ngelama tok gara-gara kelalu rindu tindok. Ehe.. Amat gak mata tok.. Uji meri kerejasama mimit.. Ka niki ka mata pointer tok bah. Kelalu manah ga perais ti deka diberi Coach A ka aku enti sema ku ulih 3 mata. Hehehehe.. tuchum lelegup ngingat ka cabaran neskepe ya nya.. hahah..

Ok… mupuk lok ku auk.. nadai ati ka speaking saritok.. (*ukai nya menyana iga pan ku speaking.. hahaha..)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me Miss Nandez & Ted =(

I miss this lil guy very much..
Can't wait to see him...


this big guy too..:-


I started listening to this radio station since last Saturday.

Cool waaatttt... =)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Season 4 Almost Ended ^^

The seminars (classes) were all done.. The common test.. The quizzes.. Also done.. Awaiting for the carry marks for each subjects now.. Dup Dap Dup Dap.. I'm not sure whether I'd done well for the semester.. I attended all seminars.. Did all the quizzes and tests... But participation in i-class; not that active.. Uhuk.. Now, the final exam is around the corner.. Next week in fact.. Fuhhh!! I'm nervous.. I didn't do revision to be honest.. I only depend on the quizzes and tests and of course pass year questions.. the slide prepared by the lecturer.. Uuuh.. I don't know why is my sleeping-early-at-night habit cannot be changed! Everytime I tried to read and revise, I'll surely tumble down on my bed 10 min later! Talking about study group, well, I do love the idea of getting together. But, I'm afraid that I can't participate well as I'm not sure whether I can contribute to the group. I prefer to read on my own and should I need clarification, I'll just type and send! Ehe... ~Sorry Coach A~

Now, forget about the exam (for a moment.. heh)..  Sssshh..

Well, my 1st log in to i-class really surprised me (during the course registration in fact). There were lotsa names that I didn't recognize. The class was divided into 2 (only 1 class when we were in sem. 3); Class A and Class B. When we attended the 1st seminar, we met new faces and only then knew that they were ex UiTM Dip students who pursue their degree. I can't recall the names but I made acquaintance with this lady-Musalmah a.k.a Sal. She works at PSMB as a Secretary to the Chief Exec. Married. Well, she always thought that I'm younger than her as she always addressed herself as "Akak".. Ehe.. when I told her that we are at the same age, she was caught by surprised. Ehe..

to be cont...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Me Need New Phone + Lappy? ^^

I've been facing this lil 'hardship' few days back. I can't reply the text message from my mobile phone althought I've been switching off/on the phone and deleting all unimportant messages, including photos and videos. Still, I can't send em out! At the same time, my lappy is giving trouble too (OS is not found?!!)


Now.. I'm really eyeing and drooling this lil piece of HTC Desire HD awesome rite? Ehe..  Yesterday when I met the duo-duo; Cha+Fahmi & Lenny+Ayie, I did ask which one is better-HTC Desire or iPhone 4. Since Cha is a phone freak, I knew I can rely on her opinion.. heheh.. now, she told me that for the time being, the best is HTC Desire HD. Even Fahmi seconded her.. hehehe... I guess I know what to "hunt" now. =)

As for the lappy, I really need a new one. Dzul said, nothing much can be done to my lappy last time. I bet the grace period for the lappy has ended. Uohh.. I'm thinking of having a desktop pc instead. Like Coach A said, it is better to have one coz I can upgrade the hadware, the storage is bigger, and of course, I can upload lotsa software n games! (actually, that was his line.. not mine.. hahaha) for the lappy, I don't think I need one. Perhaps theres someone who is sweet and loving enough to give me ipad 2 for my upcoming birthday? (ehem ehem) hahaha.. mimpi je lah kamu kok! =)


Lets start the day with a smile and happy face shall we?
Monday is not forever Blue! It could be Monday-Funday..


Friday, April 15, 2011

Cleaning + Updating!

The mission for the week is to clean and clear oustanding matters on my desk. Currently, almost a success. Thanks to Fyqa and Abg. Ajis and Echa.. not to forget Kak Shida.. =) Later, to re-organize the desktop and of course to do some CD burning for the old files.. ehe..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Mandi Bunga"

Because of not getting married (at this age), 'overtake' by d younger sis, and being rejected few times, a fren jokingly told me; go for "mandi bunga".. kuikui.. I think she is right.. But does it really help? ..and.. whether, it is appropriate for me to do it? Not listed in my custom though (nowadays, people taking other's practice and applied it in theirs.. assimilate..)..  urmm.. but, spending time relaxing in a tub full with flowers is awesomeness!

My own understanding of "Mandi Bunga":-

  • to regain the youthfulness
  • to chase away the bad elements
  • to freshen the body
  • to increase the aura
  • for body-good-smell.. =P
I believe that, these are not only it. Maybe you can share some with me? =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ita's birthday ^^

We were invited to Ita's birthday party last Friday, 8th April 2011. Happy Birthday girl!!!
It was held in KL-Scrumptious Restaurant. Nearby to Full House. Ehe. I went there with Coach A, Fyqa, n her fwen Ifa.. The theme was white, so, don't get surprised why we were so innocent and sweet.. Ahaks..  Ita recieved us at the main entrance. She looks so antonishing and hot in her red dress & heels...

Here are some of the photos taken:-

*Me & Coach A on drama.. ^^

*Me & Coach A giving out our cool pose.. =P

*Fyqa, Me, Mr. Teh & Mdm. Loh; rep from PYBM..

*Again-Fyqa, Me, Mr. Teh & Mdm. Loh; rep from PYBM.. ehe

[ Uploading more soon!!! ehe ]

*In front of d restaurant*

*Happy faces after meal.. *

*Wanna sing Kuaaalaa Lummmppuuurr..? ehe*

*Pn. Ain, Syakila, Fyqa, me*

*My fren here is cuter than her lil green fren*
*Finally.. got the chance to take photo w d birthday girl.. smilllleeeeee*

*Coach A, would you accept my invitation for a date tonite? (bluweeksss.. hahaha)

*Coach A n Nanako.. ehh. no.. and me.. hihihihi*

*The yummy b'day cake..*
*We are Korean... in our dreams.. hahaha*

*The birthday girl's guest book.. she made this herself.. Creative and cute aite? ehe*

*The band of birthday's girl BF.. ^^*

*Taken by Boy..*

 *"You are welcome.."*

*That was the mutton.. We gals don't eat.. ahaks.. (ngengade okehh..)*
*Finally with the girls who did some dance move dat nite.. and guess wat, the 3rd from right is Fasha Sanda's sister.. Pretty like her sis.. =)*

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Baka Cigu"

“Baka cigu”.. All of sudden, I remembered someone assuming me as a school teacher. Ehe..  I believe that he judging me by the way I dressed. Perhaps, my attitude or most likely because of the glasses that I’m wearing! Ehe.. Well, I W-A-S a teacher, Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih. One of my valuable and memorable experiences. Love teaching the Level 2 students, but Level 1, hu-uh, I need a special course/training for that.. ahaks.. 

*Uhh.. well.. not as 'cute' as this lah.. hahah

We were like chatting on and off as we came from the same district. We were in the same express boat, travelling to Sibu (on my way back to KL) and we didn’t manage to get ourselves own seat, so we have to stand at the boat’s stairs; together with some others passengers. Truly packed like Milo Packed! Ahaks..  Well, I really hate standing for a long period. I will feel dizzy and out of breath! So, after standing for an hour, I decided to go outside of the boat and seat on the roof-top. (Yup.. you're right.. on the roof-top.. and the boat is moving at high speed..) Alright, the speed was super, my shirt almost unbuttoned! Ahaks..  It was afternoon and of course, the sun ray is burning the skin. But the wind rushing on my face kinda made me 'rejuvenate' and fresh.. ehe..

*I'll upload the vid and some photos later.. ;)

Mad at self

I am truly mad with myself.. I don't know how to make decision; although the thing that I should decide is the smallest/simplest thing.. e.g. What to eat? Where to go for date? What to watch?  Not to mention the bigger issue.. I felt pathetic and extra sad with my 'poor' value here.. I always put myself last from others; friends, family, bf, bosses, of which, lead to self-frustration and 'suicide'.. I believe that it is not sacrifices I'm dealing with, but, own 'stupidness'.. I can always fight for my own right, own happiness, own interest, but I just can't and at times, I withdraw myself for 'fighting for justice'.. Call me idiot, mule or whatsoever, but I've been living under this skin for years..

*I'm so sad

Another thing is, I am a shy person. I don't have the ability to mingle around with people easily-chit chat some more? A big NO NO.. Some might see I'm  a 'proud' person and perhaps 'sombong', but the truth is, I'm shaking on my knees! It stop me from talking and I felt really awkard! You can see my gesture when I'm 'kejong'.. The situation will be different if I knew the person well, I will of course, might 'loose my mind' for a while.. So, BIG APOLOGY to those who ever met me in a 'stiff-cold' me... ehe..

Well, I'd cried a river, but it doesn't heal me and made me someone new. How I wish that I'm involved in an accident, have a memory lost, and 'restart' anew and be a different me! (lame!) Hehehe.. If Coach A read this, he will sure "ketuk" my forehead lah.. hahah.. sorry dear, sometimes, I have the tendency to imagine 'things' that I shouldn't think of.. hahah..

*Urmm.. where to pin that needle?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Royal Stamp

Coolnesss! Although they can be 'separated' at anytime. But I guess, for those who want this limited stamp, they wouldn't have the gut to 'tear them apart'.. Most likely, they'll take it as an item.. It won't be perfect without them together.. Are we in the same boat here? ehe..

Kate-William Stamp

As for this one, it is our local stamp of "hot shot's" daughter wedding. 3posen jer.. hihihi

Are you thinking of makin your own stamp now? hahahahah

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ngajat & Sape

Ngajat is dancing in Iban. Do enjoy the vid. I'm not a gud dancer, but if there's an event, I'll be glad to join d fun.. ehe..

owh.. btw, I'm thinking of having this full set of ngepan.. A must! I wana hav a pic wearing it for my wedding.. hahaha.. (Dream on JacJac!)

Meanwhile, this vid is a traditional dance of Orang Ulu (my mom is one! ehe)

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