Thursday, May 26, 2011


I hate this feeling-> Maraahh! Bengang! Bengkak!
I don't want it.. I donnnnttttt need it!!
Go away!!!
If other people can be mad at others.. Let it be.. It is their own heart and others' pride that they are messing with! I don't want to involve in any of it..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me reading The Amber Room

I'm not a bookworm.. In fact, I'm sooo lazy with reading.. That explains my poor cgpa.. Ehe.. But somehow, I need to change that and I should read more.. So I forced myself to borrow some books from the library despite the genre (n that was a year ago! ahahahaha).. I just finished with Shopahlic Ties The Knot (uuuu.. how marriage-planning can be troublesome if not handled well.. ehe).. Now, I'm trying hard to finish reading The Amber Room.. Lotsa new words encountered (to me lah.. i kept flippin over d dictionary for every pages! hahahaha).. The plot is getting more interesting & I can't wait to find out who will found the long lost amber room.. =)


17th May 2011 (Tues).. Its public holiday-wesak day.. Had a date with Iman @ Aquaria.. (finalllyy.. sampai jugak Aquaria.. eheh)

*Main Entrance..

*Aite.. mushroom soup in bread for late breakfast.. k-ok lah..

*Iman had a serious conversation with Pak Usu

*These are piranhasss! feeding time is at 4pm unfortunatelyyyy ( m wondering how fast it can eat..) heheh..

*Darling Iman.. hahaha.. manje tol!

*A posserr..

*Big tube!

*Ahli rombongan.. heheh..

*The jellyfish!

*Ada ular ada ular!! Hati-hati!! XD

*Cobra cobra..

*Seahorses.. clinging to each other.. cool...!

*Curious Iman... eheh..

*wit abe saye.. eheh.. <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

I was in BKI_Day 3_Blue Ocean

16th May 2011 (Monday)

*Happy Teacher's Day!!! Happy jalan-jalan day!!! ahaks
*Today our journey is to the infamous islands in Tuanku Abdul Rahman Park-Sapi & Manukan! (Semporna in future lah yer.. ehe)

*At Jesselton Point.. Buying tickets & paying fee..

 *The boats at the harbour

*Here I am!

 *At Sapi Island!

*Aite.. I forgot my bikini.. (hahahahahah)

*Me seawalking.. =)

*Me with Nemo..

*Taadaaaaa!! =)

*Fishes n fishes.. here n there.. nothing fishy..

*Kak Limah balik Pulau! hahahaha

*Now at Manukan..

 *Back to the mainland.. looking for sumthing to munchh.. ehe

 *Aite.. bargaining is not doing well here.. this girl is 'new' and so restricted with tauke's price.. haiyaa

*At the Pasar Kraftangan aka Pasar Philipines

 *Need a massage after a long walk eyyhh..?

 *Maybe u can try the service here.. Gud one! (although I've been told by the masseur that I have problem with my heart, lungs, ears & tutttt! hahaha) and the promotion never ends!!! XD

*Having Rojak Sotong at Tanjung Rhu fudcourt before departure.. very nearby to the Airport.. heh..

I was in BKI_Day 2_Sky High

15th May 2011 (Sunday)

*Wake up real early & get ready for the journey to Kinabalu Park! (yup... to the park only.. we did not climbing.. ehe)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I was in BKI... DAY 1... =)

14th May 2011 (Saturday)

*Travel from Putrajaya w my Baby.. Luckily Kak Intan is willing to send us to LCCT.. TQVM dear! =)
*Fly to BKI on AK 1020-1300[access bagage RM45! of which, I never thought d bag would be as heavy as dat.. backpackers lah sangat.. eheh].. before giving in the bag, we did our own check-in (no counter check-in now bebeh)..

*Since the flight will take about 21/2 hours journey, we do nothing else but sleeping.. until we were awakened by the announcement made by the lead stewardess. They were offering a boucher (hotel in KL) for the correct answer.. yeap! we were having pop-quiz on flight!!! ahaks.. we don't have luck.. the 3 questions were answered without real fast. 1st q was; how many seats the boeing offered? Q2; how many exit doors available on the flight? and last one Q3; who is the captain? hahahaha.. I can't remember.. seriously.. :P (padan muke, x bagi perhatian semasa penerangan cik pramugari.. ahaksss)
*Arrived BKI @ 1300!.. Sa di Sabah bah ini! hehehe.. Took d ride with taxi @ RM50 to Tunes Hotel! [mahal mahal].. Turn out that the hotel is far from the city.. Aiseh.. (1st trip; kamu dimaafkan.. )
*Check in @ Tunes.. go to d respective room.. Room 315... am kinda devastated! the room was small..! No windows! but, ok lah.. coz I hav the room for myself.. if sharing, mau gaduh ooo.. hihihi.. another thing is, no doorbell.. susaah oo mau kejut itu orang kalo ini macam (Coach @ Room 314.).. hahah.. but i love the bathroom.. ada side mirror! ahaks..
*Later, go out and hunting for lunch! Luckily the hotel is 'attached' to 1Borneo Shopping Mall (The biggest mall in KK! KK own Mid Valley! eheh) So, everything is here.. Wandering around; up and down.. Finally had lunch @ MaryBrown.. Ok la nasi ayam dia.. (lapar ritee..?)

*Afterwards, we were thinking of going to the city.. If naik teksi, fuuuuuhhh! Expensive!!! Luckily there's a feeder bus, FOC! but u need to get ur own nombor giliran. The seat is limited. Ehe.. The ride took about 45min to KK. Reached there & as advised by the friendly receptionist, reserved the seat from the city back to 1Borneo immediately. Ehe.. Later, d journey starts. 
*Actually, this trip is not planned well.. Ehe.. main redah je.. Supposely, Coach A's friend is joining us but he cancelled his trip last minute.. we were fully depending on him on d itinerary to be exact.. but unfortunately, now we were on our own.. but not worries, Coach A hebak (he keeps texting everyone he knew in KK.. hahahah..)..

*Since there's no good news (yet), we finally decided to make our own agenda; to go to the islands on the next day and later to Mount KK Park on Monday..  That lead us to Jesselton Point.. Riki2 dulu.. hehehe.. Walking from ****( forgot the name.. eheh..) is kinda far & indeed tiring.. but, on our way, we stop by at d pasar malam.. I was surprised and amazed by the size of the squids, prawns, fishes there.. enormous & fressssh! the colours were varied as well.. after that, a sneak to pasar Phillipines-same items, same price, difference tauke.. hehhehe.... Later, enter Suria Borneo-newly open shopping complex i guess.. U can see familiar brands outlet here.. then, Finally reached the harbour! Phewwww.. We lepak2 by the harbour and had our ice-blended cendol as we watched the sun set.. awwwhhh.. awesomeness...! The sky is truly different.. so serene.. so peaceful.. mmmmhhh..

*We were like giving up on d idea of hanging out with friends that we knew because all of em were not there, my fren pulak balik kampung.. mati kutu sekejap.. hahaha.. so we tell ourselves that, this is our trip n our adventures.. (again) heheh.. until Iqbal calll Coach A! Phewwwwww.. Only then, he journey began interesting !! =)

*Its almost 7pm and the sky getting darker.. We get to know from Iqbal that Ajis & his family were here too-a day earlier.. So, we gonna have dinner with them and with another friend.. We ate lotsa seafoodss.. saaa-ngat kenyang.. we also planned a trip to Mount Kinabalu Park together early in the morning.. 6am from 1Borneo! after d dinner, back to the hotel .. Wish goodnite to Coach A as I closed my door and go to bed rite away! Ahaks.. (no dat instant lah.. of coz la kene cuci muka cuci kaki gosok gigi dulu.. hehehe) Gonna wake up reeeaall early tomorrow! ehe..

*** End of Day 1 ***

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surprise and Surprises!! ^,^

The day of 11th May 2011 (110511) indeed leaves a memorable-sweet mark in my heart.. I kept it secret (my birthday) but the technology does it part quietly brilliant (erkk.. HTC? kikikih).. Ehe.. I received lovely gifts and thoughtful wishes this year.. From KSU-a birthday card.. Steph-a bouquet of pink roses (gorgeous!).. Fyqa-a slice of cake (yummmy!!!).. A.Zul-a bar of chocolate (deliciousss!!).. H20-a cute bag (lovely!)...  U guys are too dear! TQ soo mucchh.. =)

The day at the office went smoothly.. nothing unusual.. not many knew.. ehe.. well, got the wishes from my BFFs via sms, FB, and here too.. TQVM for the kind thought! In the evening, we left the office at 8.30pm++.. Lotsa tasks to do.. my big boss n her fav sec gonna fly overseas in a few days time.. so, gonna do thing fast and need to update here n there.. Pheww! Ehe.. Afterwards, I asked Echa & Kak Intan out for a dinner... well, just a small-small gathering and to celeb Kak Intan's n mine birthday.. Ehe.. no cakes no flour no eggss! Ahaks.. H20 was joining too.. We had our dinner at Black Canyon Alamanda.. Well, the food doesn't meet our expectation.. but ok lah kan, meeting each other after quite some time.. so, lotsa chit chat la.. hehehe..

Well, while we were talking and chatting, I can't help myself looking to the other side of the restaurant.. I don't know why.. Perhaps the light (karaoke) got my attention.. Until I saw a figure of a man, with his big bouquet, coming up from the stairs.. The way he walks very familiar.. when he approached us.. my heart beating faster.. is it Coach A? But.. He told me that he's at Kuantan-outstation until d next day.. OMG! yes! thats him! Awwhh.. dearie dear.. he never stop surprising me.. he gave me the lovely roses and it was the biggest boquet I ever received! TQVM my dearr.. U complete my day.. Ehe.. He told me that, he'll go back to Kuantan afterwards.. I don't believe him.. But he seems so convincing and I was very touched for his willingness to come over here just to say Happy Birthday to me.. Feel like wanna hug him!! (Ehhh. no lah.. no..) hahaha.. After the meal, we went for karaoke.. Hehehe.. 2 hours flew really fast.. But, we did enjoy our time very much.. Nice day today.. I fell asleep with my lips smiling..... ehe..

Now on the 12th may.. my colleague throw a party for me! Ehe.. They were good! They arrange everything quietly and smoothly.. Kak Shida told me secretly that they will celebrate my birthday in the afternoon (nay nay nay nay.. no surprise laa..).. Hehehe.. so i thought, it will be held moderately-like always.. hehehe.. n i will pretend to be surprised later.. ahaks.. after big boss left for a meeting, Echa came to my room & blindfold me! Aduuhh.. hahahah.. made my heart pumping faster lah die nie.. ahaks.. n when unfolded, everyone was there and it was merrier than I thought.. at the far end of the table.. I saw a beautiful-love-shaped cake... hehehe.. so sweet.. n then, I saw Coach A!!!! Aik..? So we do the norm, sang the birthday song.. blew the candles.. cut the cake.. (to my surprise, it is an ice cream cake! ini mesti Coach A punya kerja ini.. hehehe.. d most delicious cake I ever tasted..).. Another surprise from Coach A.. Sweet baby.. ehe..

Ehehehehe.. thats it.. when I reached home... it’s almost midnight.. I strolled Alamanda with Kak Intan earlier.. heheh.. then, had our dinner at Phawana Precint 16..
I suppose to pack my bag, but I just don't know what to bring along.. Been a while since I travel for a vacation.. eheh.. So, I only packed in the morning.. heheeh.. (yess.. I'm going for a vacation.. hehehe)

So.. next entry would be my vacation to KK! Naaaiiiiissseeeeee (nice)!!!!
Bahh.. boleh saja kalo ko.. *wink*wink*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May once again... =)

Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me!!! Wheeeee..
I am officially 28 today! Yiippppeee..


  • Another 2 years of dateline.. Otherwise, I'll just call myself a lovely-hot-spinster who gave up with the bells ringing..
  • What I want for my birthday? Nothing.. I'm not a kid anymore.. It scares me more ade la! hahaha..
  • but.. a special treat for myself, why not? hehehe.. I'm thinking of giving myself this present.. heheheh..
  • Celebration? nayy.. waste of time waste of money.. (Im broke!).. hahahha

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