Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meredahi Pokok-pokok oleh Bahu Rendah :D

Sangat menyukai lagu ini.. layaann... =)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Had a chat w Lengloi

During lunch break hours ago, I had a chat with Lengloi @ FB. Her office just moved to Putrajaya. So, lots of unpacking to do. We did catch up & get to know that she is fasting for 3 days now. Last year, she did it succesfully. As for me, I just started my 1st day (seriously) today. ehe.

She told me about her BF, and I'm kinda happy for her. Seems that everything goes smoothly for her. She is close with her BF's siblings n mum. Both family knew about their relationship. Waiting for her to get ready and have a talk with her parents. Lets pray for them! 

I remember somebody told me that, a couple is similar to "mirror". Well, when you look at the mirror, you'll see your reflection. In a relationship, "mirror" means what you do/how do look like will reflect to the "mirror" a.k.a your partner. mmmm.. m not gud at elaboration.. i hope u get me.. ehe..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bake a cake

Last night, I finally made my 1st cake! Oreo Cheese cake. The recipe was taken from Siti. I bought the ingredients last Sunday, but didn't manage to find the crushed-Oreo. So, I bought the biscuits.. took the cream out.. and mashed it! hahahah.. Luckily Kak Siti (housemate) hav all utensils I need. Heh..

I think that I didn't follow the instruction very clear. The cake is kinda 'soft' and I bet there's something wrong somewhere. Biasala tu, first timer. Naluri buat kek tu xde lagi.. When I was little, I was banned from entering the kitchen (biscuit baking) by my mom. Since then, memang malas la nak campur tangan kalo buat kek or biskut.. heheh.. i prefer kemas umah jer.. :P

will upload d pics later..


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soup of the Day.. =)

The Sound of Arrows-M A G I C

Yesterday, I had the longest ever dream,
That the world was endless with possibilities.
It had me thinking, one should never forget
That there are wonders, we haven't seen yet.

Seize a chance, follow a dream.
Be yourself, don't plan and scheme.
For what we do, won't matter that much.
Puzzles and wonders, mysteries and such.

So calculate and analyse.
My head is spinning from all of those lies.
It had me fooled, a logical mess.
In a time of facts, figures and distress.


Serabut memikirkan diri sendiri.
Serabut memikirkan perihal keluarga.



Malam ni nak try buat kek oreo cheese mcm Siti buat..
Sedapnya masih terasa.. nak lagi..!! jadinya, kenelah buat sendiri.. heheh.. Daripada buang masa memikirkan perkara yang menyerabutkan otak, baik aku menyibukkan diri dengan perkara yang berfaedah..

*Haaaa.. ceria macam Nandez..! heheheh

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