Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quiz Online

Chica, Hani, Tikah n I meet up last night @ Dapur Mas Precint 9.. We were planning to do our CTU quiz online together... I bring along Coach A, dinner+quiz-zing! Ehe.. Well, Our 1st trial to be exact.. We need to answer the quiz provided by our Ustaz ~ online.. It was a multiple choice question.. Now, we did the first quiz (only knew that it was some sort of exercise after we completed the quiz).. The questions were kinda easy, but, the answers, phewwwww.. Need to read lotsa books in order to get the most correct answer.. Ehe.. Afterwards, we tried another quiz-and that was for real. We must answer the 11qs in 1/2 hr time! ehe.. Im kinda excited of this mode.. Altough I didnt do well, 2/5.4? hahaha.. My frenz and I were puzzled n kinda at rage when we got the result.. Ehehe.. You know why; because we were so confident that we get everything right.. ahaha... Good lesson though; never treat anything for granted.. So, 1st experience answering Qs online-not bad at all.. They should do dis more often (faci.).. so, we dont have to do assignments n all dat.. :P hahaha.. Now, I remember I have 2 tasks to do before the dateline.. !! HURRY UPPPP!!! XD

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A cup of coffee in hazy evening..

Its almost 7..
and I'm still on my desk at the office..
with a cup of coffee as the sun goes down..
It was raining minutes ago..
I miss seing the rain falls onto the rooftops..
at the orchard.. waiting for the durians to fall...
The memory of my childhold keep playing inside my mind lately..
I still remember learning how to ride a bike-big one! my Apa's bike..
How determine I was back then although my knees bleeding as I landed on the land.. ehe..
I wanna cry.. for not enjoying my every moment with the peoples around me..
peoples who left to other world..
I almost shed my tears.. for not being at my best.. until present, I'm still the old me..

Friday, September 17, 2010

16th September 2010, Thursday

Happy Birthday Malaysia and Happy Brilliant-Birthday to my love! =)

Well yesterday, Coach A came back from kampung.. Avoid getting caught in traffic jam should he come back this weekend I presume.. =) I am excited.. Been 10 days not seeing him.. :P He left his house at 1.22pm (dat precise Jac?!! Ehe), reach my house at 5.36pm.. Shoot rite away to the Curve for a movie-Resident Evil (3D)! First time going.. First time watching 3D muvi.. Ehe.. Noticed that he's getting darker.. Raya sakan bang? hahaha.. We had our early dinner before the show starts & catch up with each other (although, we sms everyday.. :P).. Poor thing.. After a long drive, he ought to have a good rest.. Instead, going out with me.. "Nampak awak terus hilang penat!" Awwhhh.. sweet pumpkin..

Now.. lets talk about the movie.. (I'm not good at reviewing I warn you.. ehe)

Well.. Firsly..I'm kinda awkward wearing 2 eyeglasses at 1 time! ehe.. Rabun tegar beb! Ahaks.. 2ndly, kinda dizzy at first, but d eyes adapting to it just nice.. the seat was o-k.. (im hoping for a higher back chair!).. the temp pun ok-no shivering at all! surrounding-CHECKED!

*Coach A @ Ginza Clock Tower-Tempat Kejadian*

The movie starts with rainy nite at Japan.. where the plague started.. ehe.. stailll... The Alice(s) were trying to get inside the Umbrella HQ to kill the boss.. Unfortunately, when they almost get him redhanded, he managed to escape! On the heli, the real Alice awaiting for him & trying to kill him.. she almost did it but the bad guy bertindak dengan lebih pantas.. cucuk Alice dengan jarum and neutralised here ability.. Alice said thank you for making her human again.. hahah.. They crashed but Alice still alive.. So, she travelled to Alaska on that cute red-plane to look for the safe place that she heard from the radio. The place called-"Arcadia"

*I love the actions! As seen on the advert! :) Even better!

*Whoaahh the guns looks alive n how i wish the bullet dat projected from the gun were bigger/nearer.. rase macam kite lak yang kene tembak..

[I'll cont. later.. need to finish my task coz I'm going out later in the afternoon]

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15th Sept. 2010, Wednesday

(macam nak buat diari lak.. ehe.. sort of..)

Well.. i woke up late today.. almost 7! Ehe.. Seems that I enjoyed my sleep very much.. So, i quickly get prepared to work.. No nasi goreng today.. At the office, I make myself a cup of coffee and have a slice of cheese for breakfast.. Fyqa n susk are working today.. more company! :) First question from susk, "are you ok?" hahahaha.. i dunno how to answer, so,  "yes sir.. everything is fine".. hahah.. then, he asked to do some letters and memos.. ok.. back to business.. ehe.. at the same time, reading SERIUS blog.. ehe.. Love the entries from him.. So refreshing and informative.. (read it on ur own discretion.. ).. i love this one entry of his; about a guy who took photos with  his polaroid camera.. made the passion coming back 2 me.. awhh.. been a while since i didn't take photos.. don't have the feel though.. ehe.. so, gotta prepare the gear and shot some of Lord's amazing creation.. yeahh babyy..

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13th, 2010~M.O.N.D.A.Y.

I wake up early this morning.. at 5.30am.. It was raining cats and dogs.. Real cold and windy.. but i go ahead with my bath.. brrrrr.. Later on, i cook myself nasi goreng.. afterwards, get prepared to work & off I go! My neighbour didn't balik kampung I guess.. (or maybe just came back yesterday?).. saw a few buluh (lemang) that has been successfully eaten outside of the house.. uuurrgghh.. they must had not noticed that I'm inside the house! =P When I reached the parking area, I can see only a small number of cars parked there.. Otherwise, hari biasa, sure penuh! The traffic was smooth and clear.. (meaning, no need to change d gear so many time.. ahakss) Meanwhile, at the office, only left Mr. Teh and I .. I noticed a few docs that big boss had go through.. so, updates and updates! new folders and new folders! ehe.. but somehow, altough d job is getting lumpy, i love being occupied with work.. (helps me to avoid thinking unneccessary thingy..) So sunyi lorh.. But.. heaven coz i can listen to my playlist aloud! ehe.. ;) The rest of the day will be filled wisely and calmly.. i hope.. yeah!

Well, yesterday I went to my cousin's place at Sentul. I thought the plan to try this Mi Kolok at somewhere-i-don't-know-the-name-but-know-where-it-is is still on.. So, when i reached there, i waited outside and send sms to her.. but after waiting almost an hour, i'm getting confused of why she didn't reply me.. so i tried to reach her, but straight to the voice mail.. hahaha.. waiting for nothing eh.. so, terpaksalah masuk and smile towards the guards so that they let me in.. without asking too much, the gate was opened.. Maybe my looks was much alike with Puss-in-Boots that time.. ahaks.. Knocked the door few times, luckily Cen noticed and open the door for me.. gamal bari wai! ahaks.. and so they were in dreamlands when i reached there.. hahaa.. Una n B immediately wake up  n prepared breakfast.. poridge and boiled egss and fried anchoivies (do i spell it right? haha).. reminds me of my own family.. miss em.. later on, layan DVD of Iban songs-karaoke! luckily theres no mic, otherwise i'm gonna sing my heart out.. Andrewson Ngalai's songs of year 1994/1995 were the best! Then, continue with Ricky El and Sima.. sempat gi gossip2.. hahaha..

Una and B were busy preparing lunch (wait a minute.. we just had our breakfast..?) haha.. thats Iban style.. eating time is fixed! no matter you are full or not, interested or not, the guests will be attended sebaik mungkin.. although sudah makan, and relax, there must be something to munch n drink.. ehe.. the host will do their best, give out what they have to entertain the guests.. so, never let them down and accept the gesture wholeheartedly.. So, mind you, the menu were MARVELLOUS!! Dah lama enda makai lauk Iban.. Kasam Ensabi, Kasam Ikan, Ensabong+Salai Lumik, Kepayang.. Urggghhh!!! Im full n never been full like this.. Yeah, the food that we ate since we were a child will never defeat the food that we have now at somewhere far from home.. yeah baby yeah... After the great lunch, we watching tv.. n then.... penggg! asleepp.. It was very windy at Una's place... :P

After an hour nap, Una wake us up & ajak jalan2.. She wanted to look for something.. the blouses didn't fit her no more.. CONGRATS una! ehehe... So, the nearest place I could think of is Berjaya Times Squares.. It was near.. 10min. drive.. well, because the traffice was clear lah.. During our time at BTS, we wander around; in-n-out of the shops.. had our evening tea @ Mc'D ... (ahaks).. then continue searching.. At last, we did our purchase at the 1st shop that we entered.. hahaha.. afterdat.. balik rumah terus lah.. no play2.. balik 2 boleh pulak aku sesat.. so terpaksala jalan2.. hehehe.. luckily not that far.. phew.. how a missed-turn can turn our head around.. haha.. Later, lepak jap tengok Gong.. ok gak lah.. owh Fasha Sandha.. hope u find the happiness that u r looking for.. =) pastu dinner.. then baru balik.. ehe.. That was the summary for yesterday's activity.. Friday n Saturday? hahaha.. Friday-lepak d whole day at house watching TV-of course, Bones.. Criminal Mind.. Bones.. Criminal Mind.. How I Met Your Mother.. CSI.. Sundel Bolong! (yeah, berjaya tengok muvi seram sensorang! x seram pun.. the hantu was Cun & i hate d reasons y d hantu balas dendam..) Saturday, washing & kemas-ing day! hihihi.. took d whole day..! ape je yg aku buat? hahaha.. btw, duduk tingkat tinggi ini banyak habuk! (alasan.. :P)..

Okies.. g.t.g now.. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Jac's Desk

Hye all.. I created this new blog to share my almost-everyday experiences in general. I do have another page but I prefer to keep it to myself and my close friends only. No offend, but some are better left inside the closet. However, I know that there are certain things that we can't keep  for ourself only. "Sharing is caring" they say. So, I do hope in future, there are plenty of marvellous photos uploaded, excited stories to be shared..  and I welcome any comments for the purpose of betterment.

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