Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Finally.. Coach A said something that I long to hear from him.. cwitie pie!

*flower-flower mood.. hahaha..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Harimau Muda @ Sea Games 2011 Final

I almost forgot to put this most momentous event in my diary. ehe.. Well, since I can't write/review well, I'll just upload this video ya. ;)

*English Version ~ love the commentator! He is indeed as thrilled as I am (i bet!) hahaha

*Malay Version also! Ehe..

Cameo Lover

I love d dress.. cute! ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Berita Harian Online | Lesen tamat ikut tarikh lahir

Yaaaa! amat membantu buat diriku yang pelupa ini.. ehehe..

Berita Harian Online | Lesen tamat ikut tarikh lahir

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Do you believe in second chance?

Given the opportunity to correct things out?

Do you agreeable with this?

I do...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving Out ^__^

This morning, Una, mak & I went to P.9 to view the house for rent that has been advertised in mudah.com last week. The house has been renovated & we do love it..! at block A3 (next to my previous rent house A2), level 6. The air flow freely & most importantly, there's kitchen cabinet and the house is clean. The house belongs to Shermaine's mom. I thought she was a chinese or indian, but she is a malay. she came with her sister. They were quite surprised when we agreed immediately to rent the house. *You don't know the 'hardship' to find a house to rent here.. hehehe..

 To our surprise, she works in London meanwhile her mom and sister staying in Croatia. They were on their annual leave. Well, honestly, I wanted to know more bout them but felt that it would be a 'kepoh' act. If she wanted to tell more, I'll be more than glad to listen.. ehe.. So right now, we are excited to move in. Will meet them again for the tenancy agreement. Hope that the walls fixed by that time & we would like to request for ceiling fans for each rooms. Ehe.. 

*Will take Nadi Putra to work in future. Jimat cermat lah katakan.. ehe..

Struggle for tomorrow

We will sit for 1 quiz n 2 tests tomorrow.. 3 in a row! So, today is the day of struggle.. To read and to revise.. Hoping that I can insert as much input as possible.. Well.. the struggle just started early in the morning, with a few hours gap in the afternoon.. now after dinner, the eyelids seem not giving much cooperation.. not much to expect tomorrow but 'walking like a blind mice'.. ehe.. I do regret for not prepare myself earlier.. I don't know why my interest to study decreasing now.. this semester especially.. I didn't 'attend' i-classes.. I didn't response or participate.. 

I'm almost coming to the end of the semester in fact.. As such, I can't go back, stop or postpone.. I have to finish this. By hook or crook.. Aihh.. *im sad seeing myself* .. whatever it is, I mustn't stop here and let situation take over control. Eventhough I can't catch up & I did miss some assignments  + escape classes (definitely effecting the carry marks); I should put a good end this semester. Well, of course, pass all the subjects.. (Amin!)

Somehow rather, I can't get it.. cobaan & dugaan, comes in, one by one.. It really effects me indirectly.. I cried and looking for a shoulder to cry on, but.. it must has been too frequent I experienced this 'break down', so the shoulder step away & ask me to stand on my own.. heh.. true fact, i am unstable.. so.. am desperately in need a special stabilizer to get me up on my feet again! hahahaha..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Chicha! ^_^

10th November 2011 (Thursday) was Chicha's birthday. Earlier in the morning, her BF sent her a bouquet of flower.. soo romantic & touching..ehe.. So, later in the afternoon, we invited her to celebrate her birthday @ TGI Friday Alamanda. Just a plan dinner; to get together on her special day. But Fyqa planned something and Siti & myself tagged along. ehe..

Fyqa bought a slice of cake & handed it over to the waiter. We waited for Chicha while browsing through the menu. (malas tul nak tulis panjang2.. satgi la sambung... hahaha)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Be Productive at Work

I got this from a group in Yahoo. Useful indeed & can be used as a guidance. ;)

Getting started: Start with understanding and doing your assigned task. Remember, taking the first step is always difficult, but if you do not take that one step you can never achieve your goals. Don't get worried with the task assigned, if it is new to you. Ask required questions to better understand assigned task. Once you get started, everything will come in easy.

Stay Healthy: Bad health can also be a possible reason for being unproductive. Before you go to work; take your breakfast, rest well and research about your duties.

Make an appointment with yourself: Give yourself at least 30 minutes during the day. This will enable you to concentrate and focus your attention on the matters at hand. Give yourself time to think and concentrate as you tackle your job and projects. These uninterrupted 30 minutes will give fruitful results in the long run.

Utilize your prime time: We all have a specific time of the day when we have lots of vigor and zest and a greater ability to think and concentrate. Work out when you have your high energy levels and tackle your most important work at that time. Try to arrange meetings, appointments and other activities at another time of the day.

Avoid unplanned meetings: Spontaneous meetings are real interrupters as well as huge time-wasters and productivity destroyers. They break your concentration, disturb your thought process while undermine your momentum. The next time someone comes into your office or sits by your desk and start making him/herself comfortable, say that you are in the middle of an important project. Then ask if you could get together at a mutually convenient time later in the day or week. This is called a polite excuse.

Schedule your meetings with staff and colleagues: In most offices, time is wasted when people get up from their desks to ask their colleagues a question. Fix a specific time to meet colleagues for queries. Best is the time slot which does not fall in the peak hours of work.

Take breaks: It is a fact that taking breaks periodically during the day relax your body and nerves and refreshes you for the tasks ahead. Ensure that you take small breaks all day. It could be a walk to the water cooler from your office/room or a visit to the photocopy machine/fax/printer.
Planning required: Establish a routine of listing your daily and weekly tasks. This will allow you to have your most productive week all the time. Start your day an extra 15 minutes early to do this planning every day. Write down the top 3 important things you must do that day. Plan your upcoming week on Sunday evening.

Drop unimportant tasks: Delete the non-essential items from your to-do list. The best way to do this is to prioritize and complete your most important things first.

Enjoy your time at work: Being productive and competitive in official business doesn't mean that you have to be serious all the time. Smiling doesn't mean you're not working hard. Be enthusiastic as well as competitive. Stay positive, that way you can face and win challenges better.

Be a Team Player: Don't be afraid to collaborate with others. Don't wait for your boss to tell you what to do

Learn from criticism: Be a sport and never immediately reject critiques from others, even if you do not like or respect them. Sometimes people you do not like may be giving you more honest feedback than you can get from others.

Acclimatize: Adapting is in the nature of living beings. Those who do not adapt, become extinct.

Upgrade your learning: Always be on the lookout for opportunities to learn and improve your skills. Look for good seminars and training.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Percayalah.. pada cinta.. pada yang esa..

Suasana sepi begini
Panahan rindu menusuk hati
Tak mungkin kau sedari

Lantas ku titip puisi kasih
Agar gelora tidak merintih
Sengsara pun menyisih

Dengarkanlah suara hati
Moga dikau mampu mengerti
Cinta hadir tanpa ku rasa simpati

Kasihmu lama tersulam
Di ruang paling dalam
Terlalu jauh tak terselam

Ku akui
Dugaan datang jua pergi
Rela ku menghadapi
Dengan harapan suci
Doa bersemi

Usah bak suria kau hadir
Persis ombak memukul ke sisir
Bimbang cinta terusir

Kerna rindu pastikan lahir
Airmata setia mengalir
Berjanjilah ia tak mungkin kan berakhir

[ Katanya Siti Nurhaliza ]

ujian hidup yang selalu menerpamu

yang berjuang untuk hidup yang hanya sementara

rasa perihnya hujan di hatimu
yang diberikan oleh rasa yang hanya sementara

kita hidup di dunia yang penuh tanda tanya
yang tak mungkin kau ubah dan terpaksa mengikutinya
kita berada di antara benar atau salah
yang tak mungkin dapat kau ukur dengan rasa

berdoalah, sampaikan pada Tuhan semua keluh kesahmu

Dia kan menjawabnya

percayalah, dia kan menunjukkan kasihNya padamu
melalui jalannya, percayalah

wahai kamu yang tak seperti mereka

yang terlihat cerah menjalani hidupnya

pandangan hidup yang selalu lihat ke atas saja
jadi pemicu keinginan yang tiada habisnya

bersujudlah, akui pada Tuhan semua kelemahanmu

Dia kan menguatkannya

memohonlah, Dia kan memberikan yang terbaik untukmu
melalui caraNya, percayalah

berdoalah, sampaikan pada Tuhan semua keluh kesahmu

Dia kan menjawabnya

percayalah, dia kan menunjukkan kasihNya padamu
melalui jalannya, percayalah

bersujudlah, akui pada Tuhan semua kelemahanmu

Dia kan menguatkannya

memohonlah, Dia kan memberikan yang terbaik untukmu
melalui caraNya, 


[Katanya Last Child ]

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Waahh.. baru tahu  bahawa setiap part badan khinzir ada kegunaan dia.. muehehehe.. (ammpuuunn)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Saya suka lecturer ini.. Puan Zalilawati Yaacob (ACC418 Lecturer).. Cara beliau ajar, zap zap zap! Kalau dapat belajar dalam kelas beliau secara full time, maybe aku akan jadi bertambah2 minat kot dengan subject nih.. teringat aku kat cikgu matematik aku mase skolah menengah dulu-Cikgu Kiong Chiong Kiong.. Ehe.. sebab diela aku jadi minat matematik n dapatla result cemerlang mase PMR. Jasamu ku kenang sampai bila2.. tapi masuk menengah atas, cikgu mate moden biase2 je.. jadi aku pun fokus biase2 je.. hahaha.. n then matematik tambahan lak, cikgunya best tapi aku kenot go.. hahaha.. student yg camnila xleh nak contohi.. nak tunggu cikgu 'push' n nak cikgu yang pandai mengajar aje.. =P

*skarang ni, aku 'takut' masuk i-class lah.. hehehehhe..

Someone Like You by Adele

First.. this song is nothing to do with my personal life.. =) 
I'm just in awe listening to her voice.. Adele is indeed a talented person..
*need to dig more on her.. hehehe..  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Askar kite hebatt!

Taat Setia.. Pantang Menyerah Sebelum Ajal...

Coach A memang suke bercerita.. semua ceritanya betul.. bukan fiksyen atau dongeng.. tetapi kadang2 die suke buat2 cerita (melawak..) hehehe.. salah satu citer yg saye suke dengar cite pasal askar kite menyelamatkan askar US @ Somalia.. penah dengar citer Black Hawk Down kan? Haaaa.. (aku x penah tengok citer tu.. tapi pas ni, memang nak cari DVD tu lah!) hehehe.. Seorang askar kite gugur dalam misi itu.. We salute and silekan layan vid yg dipetik dari youtube ini ye.. :)


Saya nekad.. setiap perkara harus ada awal dan akhirnya.. mudah-mudahan, segalanya berjalan dengan lancar dan baik...

Untuk itu, saya perlu bertekad.. pantang menyerah sebelum ajal.. wah.. seperti mau berperang lagaknya.. yang pasti, apa yang aku putuskan hari ini, aku akan tanggung akibatnya kelak.. baik  mahupun buruk, itu adalah hasil dari apa yang aku telah fikirkan semasak-masaknya hari ini.

Doakan yang baik-baik dan mudah-mudahan jadi seperti yang direncanakan..


Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya..


Bila sudah sesal di kemudian hari, meraung pun tiada gunanya.. air mata yang membanjiri bantal pun tidak bisa memulihkan segalanya.. ibarat sekujur diri tenggelam di dalam pasir jerlus..

Sudah terhantuk, baru tergadah...

Tatkala sedar telah diuji berkali-kali; barulah mata terbuka, hati melihat, telinga mendengar.. terpampang segala cacat cela dan kekurangan diri..  kerdilnya diri.. terasa lopak dan lubang melata di dada.. kering dan tandus jiwa ini..

Singkat sungguh hidup ini.. bila-bila masa sahaja ia akan dicabut.. baru kini aku sedar.. walaupun seringkali didedah di media massa mahupun laman sesawasang, blog, laman sosial, juga sebaran mulut..  

Ambil yang jernih, buang yang keruh..

Sesali dan hayati.. pelajari dan ambil iktibar.. perbaiki dan lipatgandakan usaha.. agar pisang tidak berbuah dua kali..

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